With the explosion of new technologies and software capabilities, organizations have the opportunity to automate and maximize resources, and ultimately improve overall performance in ways previously not possible.There is no question technology is changing the nature of how work is done; however, launching new technology isn’t going to show results without effectively unifying people and process with that technology.

Too often organizations take a one-dimensional approach to integrating technology and often fail because of it. The common belief is that introducing new technology into an organization is going to solve all the problems. The reality is that organizations often lose sight of the fact that people are still the primary users of technology, including providers of inputs and customers of outputs. And where there are people, there are always processes. It is important to adjust for the impact that technological change has on people and process, to avoid unintended results that may impact the organization’s strategic plan and investment.

The best software, best people, or best workflow, alone, do little to help optimize results. Successful organizations are ones that understand the need for a multi-dimensional approach and how new technology must be linked with continuous learning and good workflow design in order to see the desired change in organizational performance.
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