A key differentiator of thriving organizations is their focus on a quality culture. A quality culture is much more than a buzzword or a sign on the wall. It’s not a singular event. Rather, it’s a mindset, a “way of life” that is lived out by everyone in the organization, daily.

Times are changing. There is less margin for error today and less forgiveness. With increased regulatory scrutiny and the likelihood a customer will take to social media to share a grievance, we believe the risk to an organization’s reputation is far too great not to build a strong, sustainable culture of quality.

So, what does a quality culture look like? A few important characteristics include ownership at all levels, empowering your workforce to make a difference, and creating a culture that encourages your workforce to speak up when they see something that is not right. It’s an ALL IN approach. Something employees should hear every day and see modeled at all levels.

One important aspect of this is understanding that an organization focused on quality is not one without mistakes or failures. These are inherent to being human. What’s important is how they are viewed – as a disciplinary response or a learning opportunity. Business cultures that don’t view these as a learning opportunity risk creating an environment where mistakes are ignored or swept under the rug… and where fear of failure limits innovation.

We believe organizations that create an environment of speaking up and that value learning from mistakes are able to create a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to building a lasting culture of quality. If you would like to learn more give us a call or visit our site.