Employees leaving their jobs post pandemic is on the rise and for several reasons – burnout, loss of flexibility, lack of connectedness, and those that paused jumping-ship due to job insecurity during the pandemic.

Protecting your hiring investment is a critical differentiator of a growing and thriving organization. One way to protect that investment is to avoid losing good employees to unwanted attrition.

The question is, “what can you do to minimize that risk?” First, it’s important to pay attention to potential signs a valued team member may be at risk of leaving. Signs can include:

  • Disengagement
  • Less Communication
  • Limited Contributions
  • Decreased Productivity
  • Reduced Quality Levels
  • Burnout

We believe one of the keys to retaining your talent is to ensure management is engaging with their teams routinely. This is not an arbitrary “check-the-box” activity; rather, thoughtful, timely engagement that showcases empathy to understand how each member is feeling. This can help you identify those that may be looking to leave.

Other mitigation suggestions include:

  • Be intentional about making connections and building relationships, particularly with remote workers that are more isolated
  • Find out what your people need to feel connected
  • Pay extra attention to your most valued performers
  • Recognize the individual contributions of each team member
  • For those that remain virtual, ensure there is good and regular communication to those on the “outside” about what is happening within the organization

We believe companies that spend the time protecting their people investment are able to reduce unnecessary attrition of good employees – ultimately adding to their bottom line. If you would like to learn more give us a call or visit our website.