Learning is an essential component of individual and organizational growth. While it often gets packaged as “events” or thought of in terms of yearly budget dollars, the reality is learning happens all the time. The more opportunities that exists to encourage learning, the more opportunity for growth.

Learning cultures are cultures that embrace the concept of perpetual learning to drive strategy and innovation in order to gain a competitive advantage. These cultures are rooted in learning continuously, sharing knowledge, and evaluating successes and failures. Each success and failure leads to further learning and an opportunity to hone knowledge, insights, and direction.

One approach that continues to gain a lot of attention today and that supports a culture of learning is Design Thinking. Design Thinking helps foster a learning culture through its anthropological view of understanding one’s customer, its use of diversified teams and thought, and quick prototyping to name a few. The linked podcast does a good job of highlighting the connection between a design-driven culture and a learning culture.

Learning is an essential component of a thriving organization. We believe, organizations that embrace perpetual learning are able to increase employee engagement, strengthen staff assets, drive innovation, and gain that elusive competitive advantage.